Greetings, noble lords and ladies!

Torn Banner is partnering with Epic Games, Steam, NVIDIA, and Logitech to bring you: Fortification: a mapping contest for the Team Objective mode in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

With prizes totaling more than $25,000 and a chance to have your custom Team Objective map integrated as official Chivalry content, its a great chance for you to flex your creative muscle, and be rewarded for it. For those interested in more than glory, $10,000 will be awarded to the best map of the lot, with other prizes for the runner ups.

In fitting with the world of Chivalry, the theme will be focused around Medieval Times. So, if you think you've got what it takes to be the greatest architect in all the land, Read on! and prepare yourself…

Final Round

Bigger rewards & More exposure

Deadline - June 30TH

The final round of the contest will run for another full 2 months. While entries previously previously submitted for the first round are eligible to continue into the second, we highly encourage new entrants to join the fray. The Gold Prize winner will take home $10,000, an NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 780 TI, an NVIDIA SHIELD, and an armload of Logitech accessories!

Submit Your Entry

Torn Banner will choose the best maps based off the criteria listed below. While some criteria will be weighed more heavily than others, the best maps will hit all of these.

  • Primary Criteria
  • Gameplay and Fun Factor
  • Balance
  • Polish
  • Performance
  • Technical stability
  • Secondary Criteria
  • Visual Fidelity
  • Creativity
  • Scope/Difficulty
  • AI Pathing

Resources for getting started

all maps must:

  • Support the Team Objective game mode and progress through at least 3 unique objectives. It is also recommended that you support Team Deathmatch and Last Team Standing as well.
  • Implement all standard Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Team Objective gameplay functionality such as map boundaries, spawn areas, objectives, ammo resupplies, HUD markers, Etc.
  • Have AI pathing and functionality.
  • Be fully compatible with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’s current release.
  • Be made available on Steam Workshop for public download.
  • Fit the theme of Chivalry.
  • Have a ‘work in progress’ thread on the Torn Banner Forums (posting WIPs on the forums and giving feedback to other contestants).
  • Have the ‘Fortification Map Contest’ tag applied in the Steam Workshop.


Final Round – final submissions must be on Steam Workshop by 12:00 noon EST June 30th 2014.

Your creativity and originality has no limits, but as a professional company we do have a few rules and regulations that need to be addressed.

Getting started

We’ve compiled a few resources and links to help you hit the ground running. Click the button below to discover more about the Chivalry SDK, view the wiki, and check out the FAQ.

Submit Your Entry

To enroll your map, you must select the ‘Fortification Map Contest’ tag when uploading your map using the uploading tool. To view the Steam Workshop follow the link below - Good Luck!

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