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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms does Chivalry support?View Answer

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is available for PC, Mac & Linux.

Can I make YouTube videos of your games?View Answer

We would love to have you put up videos of our games and are more than happy to have you doing this whether you are a YouTube partner or not. You have our explicit permission to put up videos of our game on YouTube and are free to have ads running before them if you so choose. Thank you for your interest and look forward to your videos! Please send us a link to the videos you make to [email protected].

Does Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior require Chivalry: Medieval Warfare?View Answer

Yes, Deadliest Warrior is an expansion on Chivalry, and will require the original game in order to run.

What are you currently working on?View Answer

We are currently working on Chivalry 2

Are you hiring?View Answer

Check out our careers page for our current job postings.

How can I get started modding Chivalry?View Answer

Check out our introductory page to get started creating awesome content for Chivalry!

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