Bred and raised to fight since birth, these professional soldiers have incredible endurance and discipline which allows them to dominate the battlefield- especially when fighting in groups.

Endurance, Discipline


The disciplined warrior class of feudal Japan known for their skill in bushido and kenjutsu which allows them to cut down foes with precision strikes and incredible speed.

Honourable, Distinguished


The brutish and bloodthirsty Scandinavian raiders of Old Europe who use intimidation and repeated strikes to overwhelm and defeat their enemies.

Strength, Intimidation


Unmatched power and durability with his full plate armour, the Knight is a tank on the battlefield that few will want to face head-on.

Durable, Heavy Armour


Murderous killer of the high seas, the pirate is a dirty cheat that relies on skirmishing tactics with his agility and gunpowder to win most encounters.

Gunpowder, Cutthroat


Legendary master of death from Japan that utilizes stealth, distraction and speed to make quick work of enemies who rarely see him coming.

Agility, Speed

Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior will bring the most iconic warriors from the ancient world, epic new environments and all new game modes to the already expansive First-Person Slasher, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare content.

New epic maps and deadly features

Epic New Environments and Game modes!

Every environment is an iconic homeland of one of the warrior factions. Fight in ancient Greek temples, kicking people into pits as a Spartan or run along moonlit roofs as a Ninja in a bamboo forest.

All new gamemodes including multi-team, CTF Varients, and Duel Mode.

Deadly Features

Faster, more diverse gameplay makes Chivalry 1st person melee combat even more intense in this massive expansion.

Each warrior has a unique arsenal and abilities, which promotes more variety in playstyles and forces players to adapt their strategy to the situation.

...And Much More

New Characters and Customizations

New Weapons and Animations

New Environments and Game Modes

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