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We have integrated Steam Workshop into Chivalry to empower you, the player, to create and share the Chivalry experience that you want to play. These maps, mods, and custom assets can be accessed easily in the game through auto downloads upon joining custom content servers. You can also create helmet and weapon skins and earn a percentage of the revenue these items generate!

The Steam Workshop now makes it easier than ever for you to submit custom maps and mods to be played in the actual game! To publish a map or mod to the workshop, first read the FAQ below, then click the Launch Editor button on the Chivalry Launcher to begin the upload process.

Are you new to mapping, modding, and model making? The FAQ below is the best place to get started. If you have other ideas for the game, we encourage you to share them with the Chivalry community on the Torn Banner forums, especially if you have questions that aren’t answered below.

Are you a mapper, modder, or model-maker but new to Chivalry? Go download Chivalry on Steam to get started!

Helpful Links:

Curated Item Submission Requirements – Specifications for items
The Chivalry SDK Wiki – Information on Chivalry specific map creation.
Chivalry Custom Content Forums – Get involved with other Chivalry content creators.
Steam Workshop – Browse, rate and give feedback on community-made Chivalry custom content.
The Unreal Developers Network – A great resource for all things Unreal.

Q: How can I find the Chivalry SDK?View Answer

A: Install Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on steam, double click on it in your Steam Library, and click on Launcher (Workshop, SDK, Safe Mode) at the bottom of the list and hit play. Click the Launch Editor Button in the bottom left.

Q: How do I make a Team Objective Map?View Answer

A: You can find information on creating Team Objective maps in the Chivalry SDK Wiki. We also have example maps available that show how easy scripting a Team Objective sequence really is!

Q: I use Unreal Engine, what are the differences with the Chivalry SDK?View Answer

A: Chivalry is based on the July 2012 build of Unreal Engine 3. The editor itself is basically the same as the base UDK editor. This means that most editor information for other UE3 games, and for UDK, are applicable to our game as well.

Q: Where can I find good tutorials to learn 3D modeling?View Answer

A: The Polycount forums and wiki are a great resource for game artists and designers.



Q: What software tool should I use to make my map, mod, or custom assets?View Answer

A: It depends on the individual for their software preferences and workflow.

The Chivalry SDK will be your main tool.

Maya (models, textures, skeletons, animation)
Modo (models and textures)
3DS-Max (models, textures, skeletons, animation)
Photoshop (textures)
Zbrush (High resolution models, textures)
3Dcoat (models and textures)
Mudbox (High Resolution models and textures)
XSI (models, textures, skeletons, morphs, animation)

Q:How do I host a server running custom content?View Answer

A: Check out our Hosting a server with custom content wiki page.

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