2023 Roadmap for Chivalry 2!

Welcome to 2023, knights! We are doing a recap of changes to the game that happened in the month of January. We will also be providing a brief update of what you can expect throughout the next year for Chivalry 2.

New to Chivalry 2: Featured Events

This year Chivalry 2 will be hosting a selection of Limited Time queues that will appear on the Play menu. This year so far we’ve had The Last Team Standing and Free-For-All queues to choose and play from, and you can expect a new option to be playable this coming February.

Currently running until Feb 13th is a new 40-player Archer-only (bow and crossbow) gamemode called Volley. Play on Volley on three maps: Falmire, Galencourt, and Wardenglade.

Map Rotation Changes

In case you missed our social posts about it (feel free to join our Discord or follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates on Chivalry 2), we recently made two changes to maps appearing in various matchmaking queues. First, FFA Hippodrome has been removed from the FFA map rotation in the Standalone Servers, at the request of the Free-For-All community. 

Additionally the frequency of Assault on Thayic Stronghold has reduced in the 64 and 40-Player Mixed Modes queue by 75%, and reduced for the Mounted Warfare queue and the Training Grounds by 50%. We have seen player concerns, and are in the process of reviewing performance issues with the Stronghold map. We hope to provide more information about this in a future update.

IN-PROGRESS for 2023

  • Cross-Platform Parties
  • New Team Objective and more Free-For-All maps
  • New Campaigns featuring new weapons, armors, and much more
  • New Weapon types

Disclaimer: The above forecast is all in active development and is not exhaustive, however all development work may be subject to change or delays.

Cross Platform Parties
Certainly one of the most anticipated features for Chivalry 2, the team remains hard at work to finally release cross-platform parties to our players this year.

New Campaign Passes
This year we will continue our Campaign Pass system that will feature many new weapon skins, armors and more for you to unlock just by playing Chivalry 2. Both free and premium campaign passes will be available. New Campaign Passes won’t override or replace old Campaign Passes, and more than one Campaign Pass can be active at a time.

New Maps
This year Chivalry 2 is excited to bring you multiple new maps. These new playable maps will include Team Objective maps of impressive scale, and additional Free-For-All maps as well.

New Weapon Types
We’re planning to add multiple brand new weapons to the game as part of our content updates this year. Stay tuned for more information here on which weapons you can expect to see in 2023.

It’s going to be a great year for Chivalry 2, and we’re only just getting started. Thank you for your continued support, and we’ll see you on the battlefield.