Chivalry 2’s Reclamation Update is Out Now!

The Reclamation Update (2.9) is now available on all platforms for Chivalry 2!

Chivalry 2’s Reclamation Update introduces a brand new Team Objective Map – The Reclamation of Montcrux, A new weapon – the Siege Crossbow, The new Last Peasant Standing Gamemode, New Shield Loadouts, quality of life improvements and more! Read on below.

Update Highlights

  • New Campaign Pass – “Reclamation”
  • New Team Objective map – “The Reclamation of Montcrux”
  • New Free For All map – “Desert”
  • New Limited Time Mode – “Last Peasant Standing” 
  • Limited Time Arena Mode – “Mounted Combat”
  • New Weapon – Siege Crossbow
  • Combat changes
  • QoL improvements

New Map – “The Reclamation of Montcrux”


Word of the Tenosian Empire’s invasion has spread, stirring the ire of the Agathian noble houses with bitter memories of old wars. Fueled by vengeance, a call to war against Tenosia has risen once again. “We must reclaim our grounds and fight once more for Argon, our one and true King!!” Within days, the Agathians rallied enough troops and marched back into the unknown lands of the South, reaching the great fortress of Montcrux, a battleground scarred by many battles of the past.

This is an uphill climb for the Agathians. They must break through the fortress’s walls with petards and avoid a rain of ballista fire from the Tenosians as the bombards continue to fire against the Agathian siege towers and camp. Should they break through, Agathians must then lift the keep’s gates and disable the bombards launching above, reclaiming the fortress as theirs once again.

New Weapon – “Siege Crossbow”

Unlike its more lightweight predecessor, the Siege Crossbow (available for the Crossbowman subclass) fires bolts that can deal notable damage to non-objective siege weapons and constructables. It also has the power to pierce through them. Be wary when hiding behind barricades! While it may deal considerable damage, use caution when reloading, aiming, and shooting, as this is a bulky weapon and you are limited in the amount of shots you can fire. Make them count!

New Limited Time Gamemode – “Last Peasant Standing”

The peasantry of Aberfell are having a feud! Whose turn was it to feed the pigs? Who keeps destroying the cabbage wagons?! Who sacrificed our good farmer Shaun to the Mason druids?! (That wasn’t supposed to happen until this weekend!)

As a fragile peasant owing fealty to the Agathian Knights or Mason Order, scramble for weapons to defeat the enemy team through multiple rounds! Very limited weapons of war are present on the map, so grab whatever you can find. The victor goes to the team that wins five rounds in total.


  • New Team Objective Map
    • The Reclamation of Montcrux
  • Bridgetown
    • Stage 1
      • Fixed an issue where the hud marker would reappear when joining mid match
      • Fixed an issue where players would burn in non-fire spots
    • Stage 2
      • Fixed an issue where a building roof would disappear first part of stage
    • Stage 3
      • Fixed an issue where Agatha could enter and stay in Tenosia spawn zones
      • Fixed an issue with a collision on Agathian spawners in stage 3
    • [PS4] – Improved texture quality for skybox and peasants
    • Further optimization passes made for crashes and performance
    • Cinematic sequence now reacts to player gore settings
    • Removed an invisible ladder
  • Bulwark
    • Fixed an issue where the bombard pitch could not be adjusted on controller
    • Fixed an issue where a pigeon was infinitely spawning under the map
  • Courtyard
    • Fixed an issue where Agatha peasants could not emote or heal
    • Fixed an issue where environmental shields had misaligned textures
  • Desert
    • Polished ambience
    • Adjusted light values to improve team readability
    • Created Free For All variant
  • Falmire
    • Fixed a texture issue on the wall of Mason spawn in Stage 2
  • Galencourt
    • Fixed an issue where non-monk Agathians would spawn in the Church during the final stage
  • Stronghold
    • Stage 1
      • Fixed an issue where the indoor watchtower was missing collisions
    • Stage 2
      • Fixed an issue with bad collisions on snowbank during run in spawn
    • Stage 3
      • Fixed an issue where players would spawn under the map
      • Addressed an exploit where Masons could destroy banners in unintended ways
      • Fixed a broken decal texture in drawbridge crank room
    • Stage 4
      • Addressed an exploit that allowed players to capture an objective if they got under the map



  • New – Plague Helmets

Available in the armory for unlock with Gold or for purchasing with Crowns.

  • New – “Featured Bundles”

New: Featured Bundles that provide bundle-based crown discounts on pre-existing cosmetics. Various bundle offers will appear in the Featured tab, each for a limited time.

  • New Campaign – “Reclamation”
  • Armour
    • Vanguard
      • Agatha – Plain Templar
      • Agatha – Templar
      • Tenosia – Steppe Ravager Helmet
    • Footman
      • Agatha – Templar Footman
      • Agatha – Templar Horned Helmet
      • Agatha – Golden Sallet Helmet Down
      • Tenosia – Night Wanderer Helmet
    • Knight
      • Agatha – Sentinel of Galencourt
      • Agatha – Elite Sentinel of Galencourt
      • Agatha – Agatha Templar Knight
      • Agatha – Templar Winged Helmet
      • Tenosia – Night Warrior Helmet
  • Heraldry
    • Agatha – Nordic Ram
    • Agatha – Nordic Lion
  • Weapons
    • Falchion
      • Rusty Khopesh
      • Khopesh
      • Golden Khopesh
      • Royal Khopesh
    • Light Shield
      • Engraved Dhal
    • Longbow
      • Snakeskin – Spitfire
    • Siege Crossbow
      • Engraved Arbalest
    • Warhammer
      • Worn Spiked War Hammer
      • Spiked War Hammer
      • Decorated Spiked War Hammer
      • Lion Spiked War Hammer
    • Nicknames
      • Of Montcrux
      • Of Galencourt
      • The Chicken Tender
      • The Templar
  • General
    • Loyalty Helmets are now available for all platforms for 1 gold
    • Pigface Open Helmet now displays beard customization
    • Royal Zweihander is now purchasable for 2000 gold for all users
    • Fixed an issue where the Heavy Open Bascinet would appear automatically unlocked
    • Fixed an issue where the Vanguard Tower Guard Cap required Knight levels to unlock
    • Fixed an issue where Heavy Cavalry Sword customization would unlock through Sword levels
    • Fixed an issue where the “Sir” and “Lady” titles would not unlock after completing the tutorial
    • Fixed an issue where armours would not appear correctly in first person versus third person
    • Fixed an issue where the Tenosian LVL 1000 item was being listed as heraldry
    • Fixed an issue where the golden rune hammer was missing for FFA customization
    • Fixed an issue where the the Tenosian Lamellar Armour hands would stretch
    • EGS – Fixed an issue where Kings Edition rewards would sometimes not grant upon purchase


  • Active Parry
    • Player is no longer disarmed when in an active parry state
  • Aim Assist
    • Removed magnetism affecting projectile initial rotation

After further review of feedback shared regarding this feature, it was noted that the aim assist for archery was stronger than intended. In addition to assisting look aim, a projectile’s starting rotation was found to also be influenced. This part of the feature has been removed in this update. 

  • Engineers
    • Fixed an issue where the subclass would not deal double damage to siege weapons
  • Horses
    • Fixed a crash that would occur when a player tackles another player into a horse
    • Fixed an issue where the player would be locked in sprint mode after certain actions while horses are present in a given match

In certain cases, the sprinting value speed would not be set back to zero even though the player was not in a sprinting state. This fix not only addresses this case but also other cases where this issue would happen.

  • Jabs
    • Adjusted jabbing after dodge to come out slower instead of being on cooldown
  • Ripostes
    • Fixed an issue where a corrected riposte would cost double stamina
  • Stabs
    • Stabs for all weapons now thwack when hitting teammates

Upon further ongoing review of the current combat, it was noted that players would use stabs while behind a teammate to mask their attack, resulting in a disadvantage for the defender when reading and defending against such attacks. This has been addressed. Note that for 2.9, this can still be accomplished through a heavy stab, which we will be looking to address in the future.

  • Shields
    • Footman subclass Man-At-Arms now has access to Light shields
    • Knight subclass Guardian now has access to Medium and Light shields
  • Parry
    • Slightly decreased parry box width by half of previous initial increase
  • Projectiles
    • Projectiles now spawn particles and play a sound when penetrating an object
  • General
    • Fixed an issue where players would visibly disappear when standing close to the player camera
    • Fixed an issue where certain weapons could swing through an opponent who is kicking
    • Fixed an issue where petards would not damage players on horseback
    • Fixed an issue where spamming top left emote would lock camera input on gamepad

Weapons and Carryables

  • General
    • New Weapon – Siege Crossbow
  • Oil Pot
    • Fixed an issue where switching to Oil Pot with no one-handed weapon would softlock the player
  • One-Handed Axe
    • Fixed an issue where the one handed axe could swing through an opponent
  • Peasant Weapons
    • Set swing timings for the Hammer, Sickle, and Broken Sword



  • Main
    • Added 64-Player Team Objective 
      • Horses are disabled
      • Team Objective maps only
  • Added 40-Player Mixed Modes back to the main matchmaking queue page
    • Horses are enabled
    • TDM Maps are present
  • Removed Mounted Warfare
  • Removed 64-Player Mixed Modes
  • Removed Horse Duel servers from Server Browser
  • Arena
    • Removed 40-Player Mixed Modes from Arena tab
    • Addressed an occurrence of “Lost Connection” errors in 1v1 and 3v3 queues
  • General
    • Fixed another occurrence of the “Invalid Join Data” error
    • Fixed a bug where 40 player mixed matchmaking would always try to search for an entirely new lobby

We have been discussing the state of the matchmaking queues and looking to refine the existing queues based on player feedback. As a result, the main queue is now TO only, and 40 player mixed modes are back on the main page. Note that 40 player mixed modes in standalone servers is different from matchmaking servers in the sense that they do not include horses. 


  • New Limited Time Event – “Last Peasant Standing”
  • Fixed an issue where players could not switch teams in offline mode
  • Fixed an issue where offline mode did not respect the players unlocked weapons and subclasses
  • LTS once again allows players to switch to spectate before the first round starts

Crossparties Beta

  • [Playstation] – Fixed an occurrence where PS4 and PS5 users could not form a party together
  • [Xbox] – Fixed an issue where party members would softlock if the party leader leaves when receiving campaign rewards after a match
  • [Xbox] – Fixed an issue where game invites would not send to players in a terminated state
  • [Xbox] – Fixed an issue where users could receive in-game invites to a party when “Others can communicate with voice, text, or invites” is set to blocked
  • [Xbox] – Fixed an issue where the player would not transition to the play session when joining from one party into another party
  • [Xbox] – Fixed a VoIP issue where child account communication restrictions would not appropriately apply when enabled
  • [Xbox] – Fixed a VoIP issue where non friends could communicate still if communication settings were set to Friends Only
  • [Xbox] – Fixed a VoIP issue where Xbox users could communicate when Xbox Live comms settings are set to blocked
  • [Xbox] – Fixed an issue where an account could be locked to only Xbox or Gamepass while the other would crash on start. This fix addresses a major issue where a user could crash on game start if using Xbox or Gamepass while owning Chivalry 2 on another Xbox platform. Please note that, as a side effect of this fix, the Xbox user’s crossparty friends list will be wiped. The player on these platforms will need to add their crossparty friends once more. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when exiting a match while in a party
  • Fixed an issue where certain platforms could not remove friends from other platforms in their friend list
  • Fixed an issue where the unfriend native friend UI would persist on screen after leaving the social tab
  • Fixed an issue where the party leader could still send invites despite having a full party
  • Fixed an issue where platform icons would be inaccurate for certain platforms in friend list
  • Fixed an issue where user could still be heard when disabling voice chat
  • Fixed an issue where non-friends in a party could not be kicked from the party
  • Fixed an issue where the “party creation failed” message would appear after leaving a party
  • Fixed an occurrence where party voice chat would remain active after no longer holding input under Held Input setting configuration


  • Fixed an issue where Dynamic Music would not play
  • Fixed an issue where certain Commander VO would not play
  • Fixed an issue where the Heavy Cavalry Sword sounds were louder than other weapons
  • Improved Horse sounds when approaching a player outside of their field of view
  • Further optimizations


  • Fixed an issue where there was no input prompt for the “See All Campaigns” button
  • Fixed an issue where XP for an active Campaign was granting inconsistently
  • Fixed an issue where the Social button would not function when on the Store page
  • Fixed an issue where players could commend twice
  • Added a prompt for insufficient crowns during an attempted store purchase
  • General improvements to Crossparty related messages
  • General improvements to Campaign UI
  • General translation fixes


  • [Playstation] – Enabled crossgen party support
  • [Playstation] – Fixed an issue where Store Addon bundles would not unlock after purchasing on PS4
  • [Xbox] – Fixed an issue where disconnecting the controller would result in unresponsive controls
  • [Xbox] – Fixed an issue where the game would crash upon permitting play when under parent controls
  • Fixed an issue where changing platforms on an Xbox account would crash or stall during login
  • Fixed an issue where a smoke particle would not appear correctly on Bridgetown and Galencourt
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s shadow would appear headless in first person mode
  • Fixed an issue where time left for a vote kick would be inaccurate
  • Fixed an issue where maxed playtime players were unable to gain gold or XP
  • Improved Intel Xess support
  • Addressed an issue where the title “Overachiever” would not grant under rare circumstances
  • Dismembered limb piles now substitute with logs on minimal gore settings
  • General crash fixes
  • Security improvements

Known Issues

  • We’re aware that player customization and some options like PC keybinds are being reset when launching 2.9 for the first time. Thanks for your patience while we investigate.
  • Thrown weapons do no damage if hitting the same target a second time shortly after hitting them the first time
  • Dismembered heads from players change to default customization
  • There’s an inconsistency with the breakables that are affected by siege crossbow
  • Report button does not focus properly on gamepad
  • Occasional failure when adding friends
  • Kills on the progression tab are not incrementing properly
  • Achievement progress visually does not track (but does increment properly behind the scenes). Firing 1000 arrows achievement for example will not properly represent how many arrows you’ve fired, but it will still update the actual number and unlock at 1000.
  • In game UI may not list all players in the party
  • Siege Crossbow – Unintended reload animation on horseback
  • Siege Crossbow – Flickers after being thrown
  • Siege Crossbow – Inconsistencies on what objects it damages and doesn’t damage
  • Siege Crossbow – Inaccurate tooltip is currently present for the current iteration of the weapon
  • TO_Bulwark – There are some duplicated mantlets placed within other mantlets
  • Templar Knight Armour Clips with Heads
  • Crossparty – No confirmation on unfriending
  • Crossparty – Crash after unfriending someone and then closing the game
  • With 2.9, the game directory was changed which has caused PC users to lose their customization and settings. There is a potential workaround below that may help resolve this:
  1. Close the game
  2. Navigate to your %appdata/local/chivalry2/saved/cloud folder
  3. In a separate window, navigate to the location where your game is stored
  4. Navigate through Chivalry 2/TBL/Saved/Cloud
  5. Backup the folder in your game directory
  6. Copy over the cloud folder in your app data directory to your game location directory
  7. Start the game