Chivalry 2’s Duel of the Fêtes Update is Out Now!

The Duel of the Fêtes Update (2.10) is now available on all platforms for Chivalry 2!

Chivalry 2’s Fête For All Update introduces Unofficial Server Support, Skill-Based Team Balance, Three Free-For-All maps – Frozen Wreck, Bazaar and Duel Yard, a Team Deathmatch Map – Frozen Wreck, Region Selection, quality of life improvements and more. Read on below.

Update Highlights

  • New Major Feature – Unofficial Server support with Nitrado
  • New Major Feature – Skill Based Team Balance
  • New Feature – Region Selection Options
  • New Campaign Pass – “Fête-for-All”
  • New TDM map – “Frozen Wreck”
  • New FFA maps – “Frozen Wreck, Bazaar, Duelyard”
  • Combat Changes and Balance
  • QoL Improvements


New Major Feature – Unofficial Server Support!

The highly requested Unofficial Server support feature is now live! Players can now rent their own servers through Nitrado and customize them to their liking. Looking to organize a community event? Want to play only Brawl with your friends and nothing else? This is the place to go! Players will find a “Rent A Server” button directly in-game below when viewing the Server Browser, allowing them to begin the Unofficial server process.

Unofficial Servers have the following customizable features:

  • Votekick Parameters
  • Custom Class Limits
  • Custom Length Warmup Timer
  • Custom Length Match Timer (Team Objective)
  • Custom Length Match Timer (Non-Team Objective)
  • Custom Match Score Limit (Non-Team Objective)
  • Custom Match Player Count (Max of 64 players)
  • Ability to turn horses on or off
  • Ability to restrict players to third person or first person
  • Ability to disable combat zones
  • Passworded Server Support
  • Local Admin Support
  • Local Kicks / Bans
  • Local In-Game Server / Admin Messaging

Want to know more? Check out our Unofficial Server FAQ!

With the release of unofficial servers, our standalone duel servers will become social spaces. It will be up to the players how they use these spaces, therefore we will no longer be actively moderating for “RDM” (Random Death Match Instances i.e. attacking players randomly like you would in the free-for-all gamemode). Players must still however comply with our Code of Conduct and ToS


New Major Feature – Skill Based Team Balancing

Teams will now balance players with an algorithm derived from global rank before the start of a given match. Once balanced, players will be unable to switch teams unless in the event of unbalanced player counts or when switched automatically by the game to maintain team balancing parameters.

The following modes will have Skill Based Team Balancing enabled:

  • 64 Player Team Objective (Matchmaking Queue)
  • 40 Player Mixed Modes (Matchmaking Queue)
  • Last Team Standing (Limited Time Queue and Standalone Servers)

This feature is currently not available for 3v3 Arena and Unofficial Servers, but we are exploring the option to add it in the future.

Additional Notes:
This feature was designed to help balance the start of a match, while still maintaining tight restrictions post-balancing around team size discrepancies. It behaves differently than a Skill Based Matchmaking system that would create entire lobbies of similarly skilled players ultimately requiring a much larger scope of work and introducing more risk. Due to the size of most of our lobbies, it made more sense for us to apply the balancing within the match itself.

Just before a match begins after all players have loaded in, the server will perform a shuffle taking into consideration players’ global ranks as well as their premade parties before assigning them a team. The system is built to prioritize parties staying together. The balance algorithm in use is not solely trying to achieve a 1:1 balance according to global rank.

After the shuffle is complete, teams must not create an imbalance of more than 1 player at any one time, or Team Switching will be restricted. For example: if there are two teams of 16 players and one player in spectate, that player can swap to either team as the new numbers would be 17 vs 16 (an imbalance of 1). But if there is a team of 17 and a team of 16, the player in spectate will be unable to swap to the team of 17, as that would create 18 vs 16 (an imbalance of 2).

Both 64 and 40-player matches in the server browser remain unaffected by this new feature as they are currently treated as a more social space for playing Team Objective and Team Deathmatch.


New Feature – Region Selection

Players will now have the option to select their Matchmaking region of preference. This option is available in the Game Options menu. 

The following selections are available:

  • North America West
  • North America Central
  • North America East
  • South America West
  • West Europe
  • London
  • Paris
  • East Oceania
  • East Asia
  • South Korea
  • Japan

Please note that matchmaking search time and latency may be impacted depending on the region selected.


New Maps – Frozen Wreck, Bazaar and Duel Yard!

New Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All Map – Frozen Wreck

Marooned Masons fight with cold steel on thin ice to survive their shipwreck in the desolate north. Avoid ice crumbling beneath your feet, or break it beneath your opponents to plunge them to an icy grave.

New Free-For-All Map – Duel Yard

Test your mettle, hone your skills and prove your might in single combat at the duel yard.

New Free-For-All MapBazaar

Spill blood on sand and silk as you skirmish in the Bazaar at Baudwin.

Additional Map Changes

  • Bridgetown
    • Stage 1
      • Fixed an issue where players with horses could only advance the progress bar once
      • Fixed an issue where the siege crossbow could destroy a fence but not damage an object behind it
    • Stage 3
      • Fixed an issue where the siege crossbow could damage the gate objective if penetrating another object
  • Bulwark
    • Fixed an issue where certain assets were missing textures under low quality video settings
  • Darkforest
    • Fixed an exploit where the VIP could use the bookshelves to avoid attacks
    • Fixed an issue where the wagon would not grant ammo for the following items:
      • Siege Crossbow bolts
      • Mallets
      • Barricades
  • Galencourt
    • Fixed an issue with Galencourt monks having misplaced textures or layered meshes
  • Montcrux
    • Fixed an issue where the Siege Crossbow bolts would not shoot through exploded zones
    • Improved bot navigation
    • Added map to Offline mode
  • General
    • Fixed an issue where male peasants would not roam around the map


New Campaign – Fête-for-All

Like a traditional Battle Pass, players can complete challenges and earn in-game rewards such as currency and armory items as they play. The Fête For All Campaign Pass has no time limit, so you can earn rewards at your own pace

Play the ‘Fête For All‘ Campaign Pass at no cost to unlock free currency and armoury items, or upgrade to unlock premium rewards. The Premium Campaign Pass can be purchased for 1000 Crowns in-game.




  • Archer
    • Tenosia
      • Tenosia Raider
      • Elite Tenosia Raider

Tenosia – Raider

  • Vanguard
    • Free-For-All
      • Reik Armour
      • Druid Helmet
        • Raptor Helm
        • Hildeswine Helm
        • Hind Helm
    • Agatha
      • Heraldic Poor Gallowglass
      • Heraldic Veteran Gallowglass
    • Mason
      • Heraldic Askandir Veteran Armor

FFA – Druid Helms

Heraldic Gallowlass Armour

Agatha – Heraldic Gallowlass

Mason – Heraldic Askandir Veteran

  • Footman
    • Free-For-All
      • Monk Robes
        • David’s Robes
        • Georges’ Robes
        • Michel’s Robes
    • Agatha
      • Weathered Broe Helmet
      • Broe Helmet
      • Painted Broe Helmet
      • Royal Broe Helmet

Note: Although shown with a Quarterstaff to create the best promotional shot, Monk Robes can’t be used with the Quarterstaff weapon as part of the Footman cosmetics.

FFA – Monk Robes

Agatha – Broe Helmets

Agatha – Royal Broe Helmet

  • Knight
    • Free-For-All
      • Agatha Heir Crown
      • Rudhelm Heir Crown
    • Agatha
      • Heraldic Jousting Armour

FFA – Heir Crowns

Agatha – Heraldic Jousting


  • Mason
    • High Forge Hammer
    • Brotherhood Ravens

Mason – High Forge Hammers & Brotherhood Ravens


  • Messer
    • Standard Vantearian Messer
    • Great Vantearian Messer
    • Knightly Vantearian Messer
    • Vantearian Wraith Blade

Vantearian Messers

Vantearian Wraith Blade

  • Siege Crossbow
    • Cranequin
    • Reinforced Cranequin
    • Superior Cranequin
    • Markgraf Cranequin


Markgraf Cranequin

  • Sword
    • Worn Arathaneian Sword
    • Arathaneian Sword
    • Arathaneina Flamberge
    • Knightly Arathaneian Sword

Arathaneian Swords


  • All hair options are now available for all head options


  • The Eagle
  • The Lion
  • The Monk
  • The Druid


  • Heir Crown and Voice Bundle (Free-For-All)
    • Agatha Heir
    • Heir of Rudhelm
  • Druid Armour and Voice Bundle (Free-For-All)
    • Ailean
    • Hylltun
    • Iain
    • Tearlach
  • Monk Armour and Voice Bundle (Free-For-All)
    • André
    • David
    • Georges
    • Marc
    • Michel
    • Pierre


  • Fixed an issue where weapon customization would not be present on first spawn
  • Fixed an issue with the Mason Gold Vine Jousting Knight armour’s normal map
  • Fixed an issue where the Sword of Glory heraldry would incorrectly change armour and helmets
  • Added skirt physics to the Agathian Templar armour
  • Slightly adjusted metallic values for a few armour and helmets
  • Made the Mason Jousting Helmets compatible with the Dreadnought set
  • Added the ability to rotate the character in the Customization screen
    • To rotate the character, hold left click on the character and drag with the mouse.
    • For controllers, use the Left Thumbstick input to rotate left and Right Thumbstick input to rotate right.



  • Blocking
    • Adjusted backstab angle checks to be more consistent

Certain perks like that backstab perk on Ambusher would not grant its bonus reliably. This led to an opportunity to improve the back hit detection in combat, making it more consistent in receiving the bonus for the class and to reward skillful footwork and swing manipulation in general.

  • Counters
    • Fixed an issue where countering a projectile after a world hit would result in automatically throwing your weapon
  • Dismemberment
    • Fixed an issue where chopped heads would have default customization on current gen systems 
    • Fixed chopped head physics not activating properly on current gen systems

Note: this fix was not applied to last gen consoles for performance reasons.

  • Feints
    • Fixed an issue where unintentional feints would occur after multiple swings and counter attempts
  • Jabs
    • Jab release time is now consistent across all weapons
    • Fixed an issue where jabs could go through another user’s jab after feint
    • Fixed an issue where attacks would not play out after a frame perfect jab
    • Fixed an issue where jabs would come out slower than intended when feinting from a counter
  • Parry
    • Made parry more consistent when canceling from a successful combo
    • Fixed an issue where parry would be inconsistent when canceling from a combo feint to parry
  • Sprint Attack
    • Increased the windup time by 0.115 seconds to reduce ability to instantly hit
    • Added a condition where unsuccessful sprint attacks would result in a recovery state

Sprint attacks have been observed to allow players to bring up parries immediately even when failing to land said attack. Conditions have been added to further prevent this, allowing an opponent to more reliably punish a failed sprint attack.

  • Stabs
    • Heavy stabs now thwack against teammates
    • Fixed an issue with polearms having shaft hits to the side during a stab
  • General
    • Fixed an issue where arrow trails would linger when blocking an arrow
    • Fixed an issue where items would attach to the right hand after throwing an offhand item
    • Fixed an exploit where attacks could be desynced between players
    • Fixed an exploit where healing could be activated early when bandaging
    • Fixed an exploit where ammoless dropped javelins could be picked up to replenish ammo
    • Fixed an exploit where two-handed weapons would sometimes look like they were equipped as a one-handed weapon


Weapons and Carryables

  • Barricades
    • Fixed an exploit where barricades could be used to slide and gain boosts in momentum
  • Catapult
    • Fixed an issue where catapults could scoop up unaware players when firing at max power
    • Made firing behavior more consistent upon remounting
  • Falchion
    • Adjusted the blade length of the Shamshir set to bring closer to hitbox length
  • Highland Sword
    • Special attack is no longer halted by an Active Parry
    • Increased damage by 5 for all attacks (excluding overheads, jab, and kick)
    • Fixed an issue where world hit tracers would cause the weapon to hit the floor unintentionally
    • Fixed an issue where the weapon’s level rank would not display correctly in loadout selection
  • Katars
    • Extended the size of tracers slightly
  • Siege Crossbow
    • Fixed an issue where bows would have missing shadows in first person mode
    • Fixed an issue where the reloading audio would be delayed by a second
    • Fixed an issue where fire bolts would not damage or penetrate objects
    • Fixed an issue where bolts would deviate from path after penetrating objects
    • Fixed an issue where bolts would not penetrate through non-objective destructibles
    • Fixed an issue where bolts could damage and penetrate objective destructibles
    • Fixed an issue where bolts would not damage pavise shields
  • Sword
    • Adjusted the blade length of the Royal Guard Sword set to bring closer to hitbox length
  • Throwing Knives
    • Fixed an issue where falling with throwing knives equipped would result in not pulling out throwing knives again after recovery



  • As of February 29th, improved stability of matchmaking servers in regards to periods of really poor performance and disconnect messages
  • Added Matchmaking Region Selection in Game Options

Matchmaking Queue

  • 40 Player Mixed Modes
    • Added Coxwell back in
    • Added Dark Forest back in
    • Added TDM Hippodrome back in
    • Added TDM Frozen Wreck
  • Limited Time: Free-for-All
    • Added Bazaar
    • Added Frozen Wreck
  • Training Grounds
    • Added Coxwell back in
    • Added Dark Forest back in

Server Browser

  • Duel Servers
    • Removed map rotation
    • Added Duelyard as the main map
    • Renamed Duel Servers from “Duels” to “Social”
  • Added Unofficial Server support
  • Fixed an issue where server browser would hide full or near full servers for specific users



  • Added Skill Based Team Balancing for the following modes in matchmaking:
    • Team Objective
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Last Team Standing

Team Objective

  • Auto Balance no longer activates during the last stage of a given map
  • Auto Balance no longer activates during the last two minutes of a given objective
  • Fixed an issue where petard explosions would not always deal enough damage to kill players
  • Adjusted scoring calculation for the following damageable objectives:
    • Ramming Gate
    • Toppling Stone
    • Toppling Column
    • Toppling Statue



  • Fixed an issue where the Arrow Cam hint would display even when hints were disabled
  • General UI and Translation improvements



  • Minor environmental texture and cinematic improvements
  • Fixed an instance where locally muted players would not stay muted after rejoin
  • Fixed an issue where players could not be reported when using a controller


Performance and Crash Fixes

  • [Playstation] – Fixed an issue where gamma settings would reset
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when adding a friend from different platforms
  • Fixed a crash that would occur on the main menu when in an invalid network state
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when unfriending an offline friend
  • Multiple server crash fixes


Known Issues

  • Unofficial Servers
    • Post Match Screen displays gold/xp when no gold/xp is awarded
    • Players temporarily appear with no customization or rank after entering a server after a crash (This resolved around 5 minutes after the crash and requires re-entering the server)
    • Servers left up over extended periods of time can have their timer desync. We generally recommend a server reset at most every few days
    • Travel to/from LTS maps causes players to be level 1 with level 0 classes and no admin powers
      • Workaround: re-enter the server after the map travel is complete
  • Cross-Platform Parties BETA
    • New leader’s name does not display for other clients on pop-up banner when old leader leaves
    • In game UI may not list all players in the party
    • Xbox Series X cannot remove a Steam friend
    • Occasional “Travel To Session Failed” deyncs the party
    • Parties that take longer than 30 seconds to load in may not end up on the same team as the rest of the party
  • Console-specific Issues
    • Accepting VIP prompt does not always transition top player to VIP
    • PS4 – Travelling to the same map multiple times may soft-lock the player
  •  Server-side Issues
    • Occasional connection lost hiccups on some servers
    • Duelyard has a chance of disconnecting a player occasionally