No More Room in Hell 2 Announced at Summer Game Fest 2024!

Today, we announce that No More Room in Hell 2’s developer, Lever Games, was acquired by Torn Banner, the studio behind Chivalry 1 & 2, and the original “Age of Chivalry” mod. The majority of the previous No More Room in Hell 2 team continues to work at the studio on this next game in the franchise. We’re all excited to bring an immersive, cinematic experience to a replayable zombie apocalypse in the style that Torn Banner has become known for.

No More Room in Hell 2 continues with the core approach to the start of an outbreak, expanding the world with new details, new areas, and new objectives. With permadeath and tactical gameplay, we are expecting players will learn from failure and grow their skills from just surviving to working with others and helping other survivors. Explore a massive map with diverse regions, numerous spawn points, and multiple locations to explore. 

Meet up with your friends in our 8-player co-op so that you can scavenge supplies and weapons that become necessary to work together to defend one another and complete objectives so that they can reach the Power Plant. Pennsylvania is dark with rolling brownouts, and survivors will need to get the power back on even as they start and stumble in the dark themselves, moving ever forward towards pockets of light and hope. .

Watch our announcement trailer here, and we look forward to sharing more with our community over the next month including a Livestream on June 11th and multiple blogs exploring details of No More Room in Hell 2.

Take care, Survivors!