Chivalry 2’s Regicide Update is Out Now!

The Regicide Update (2.11) is now available on all platforms for Chivalry 2!

Chivalry 2’s Regicide Update introduces the epic Team Objective Map – Regicide at Trayan Citadel, the new Goedendag weapon, a new Campaign, quality of life improvements, and more! Read on below.

Update Highlights

  • New Team Objective map – “Regicide at Trayan Citadel”
  • New Campaign Pass – “Regicide”
  • New Character Bundle – “Agatha Rebel Knight”
  • New Weapon – “Goedendag”
  • Combat Changes
  • QoL Improvements


After many months of warfare, King Argon II and the allied Agathian noble houses make one final push to breach the walls of Trayan Citadel, the heart of Vantear and the Mason Order. However, Malric Terrowin will not stand for such insolence. Through fire, ash, and bloodshed, the kingdom shall finally decide…


“Who will sit upon the throne?”
For the Blue and Gold! For Argon! / For Malric! For the Red and Black!

New Team Objective Map – “Regicide at Trayan Citadel”

Agathians rally around their final hope in breaching the city walls: their battle ram of war called “The Lion’s Thrust.” In order to safely escort the ram, Agathians must retake the outer encampment from the Masons and regain the frontline strength. Should they breach the walls, the Agathian army must continue and blast their way to Malric’s castle through the Citadel, complete with a dreadful volcano (though some of the details, as told by tavern bards in the past, were highly exaggerated). The final stage will evoke Malric’s wrath, bringing him to the field of battle in a face-off against Argon II, leader of the Agathian Knights. Players must then fight and defend their king. Only one shall have claim to the kingdom!

New Weapon – “Goedendag”

A brutal weapon for a brutal age. Adding to the Poleman and Engineer’s subclass arsenal, the Goedendag is the shortest polearm of them all but the strongest and most versatile in damage output. While its slashes and overheads deal blunt damage, its stabs deal pierce damage, allowing the weapon to deal maximum damage to multiple class armour types. Be mindful of your attacks depending on the kind of opponent you are facing! In addition, this weapon’s special attack does massive damage against horses, stopping them in their tracks with a successfully timed blow. Take note of your swings during heavy attacks, as they are noticeably slower in comparison to your normal attacks.



  • New map – Regicide at Trayan Citadel
  • New playable VIP – King Malric Terrowin
  • New objective type – VIP vs VIP

King Argon II

King Malric Terrowin


  • Moved one of the torch locations closer to the Tenosia side during Stage 2B
  • Decreased Attacker spawn time from 10 to 8 seconds during Stage 2B
  • Decreased Attacker spawn time from 10 to 8 seconds during Stage 1C
  • Increased Defender spawn time from 8 to 9 seconds during Stage 2A
  • Fixed an issue where ambient corpses would sometimes appear during the cinematic
  • Fixed an issue where deployables could not be placed in the Guild Hall


  • Made the horses use the FFA skin variant on spawn
  • Added barrier at the end of the map to prevent players from falling off
  • Added an additional horse to the horse field
  • Added more bandage crates to the surrounding area
  • Added lance barrel weapon rack to the horse field
  • Added a turkey weapon rack
  • Fixed a desync that would occur upon spawn
  • Fixed an issue where the Jousting Targets would not spin
  • Fixed an issue where certain guard rails lacked collision in the main area

Fighting Pit

  • Fixed an issue where Environment kills would not count in FFA

Frozen Wreck

  • Fixed an issue where Environment kills would not count in FFA


  • Fixed an issue where Duke VIPs were present during the last stage instead of monks


  • Fixed an occurrence where the ram could be contested on the opposite side of the gate


  • Stage 2
    • Engineers can no longer place constructibles near objective terrain
  • Stage 3
    • Decreased amount of time for the portcullis to open from 30 seconds to 20 seconds
  • Stage 4
    • Decreased defender respawn time from 10 seconds to 8 seconds
    • Increased attacker respawn time from 8 seconds to 10 seconds


  • Fixed an issue where Argon’s heavy attacks would swing through an opponent

Tournament Grounds

  • Added a turkey weapon rack




  • New Campaign – “Regicide”
    • Like a traditional Battle Pass, players can complete challenges and earn in-game rewards such as currency and armoury items as they play. The Regicide Campaign Pass has no time limit, so you can earn rewards at your own pace. Play the Regicide Campaign at no cost to unlock free currency and armoury items, or upgrade to unlock premium rewards. The Premium Campaign Pass can be purchased for 1000 Crowns in-game.
  • Added Maskless Plague Helmet variant for all classes and factions
  • Renamed “Painted Tilting Helmet” to “Royal Tilting Helmet”
  • Added Painted Tilting Helmet variant that holds heraldry

Regicide Campaign Pass

New Bundle – “Agatha Rebel Knight”

  • Rebel Knight Helmet + open variant
  • Rebel Knight Armour Set
  • Voice – Rebel Knight
  • Title – The Rebel Lord

Agatha Rebel Knight – Premium Bundle

Added open variants for the following helmets:

  • Knight’s Helmet
  • Tilting Helmet
  • Bascinet
  • Burgonet
  • Armet
  • Tournament Helmet
  • Heavy Bascinet
  • Great Bascinet
  • Barbuta
  • Dreadnought


  • FFA Druid Helmets
    • Elite Hind Helm
    • Basic Goat Helm
    • Elite Goat Helm


  • Agatha
    • Templar Helmet bundle
  • Mason
    • Armour – Common Forge Guard
    • Armour – Elite Forge Guard
    • Armour – Royal Forge Guard
    • Helmet – Common Forge Guard
    • Helmet – Poor Forge Guard 
    • Helmet – Royal Forge Guard

Mason – Footman Elite Forge Guard Armour


  • Agatha
    • Armour – Hoodless Agatha Knight
    • Armour – Hoodless Lion’s Knight
    • Helmet – Various Open Helmet variants 
    • Helmet – Templar Helmet bundle
    • Helmet – Rebellious Knight
    • Helmet – Rebellious Pigfaced Bascinet
    • Helmet – Templar Helmet bundle
  • Mason
    • Armour – Maiden Armour
    • Armour – Painted Maiden Armour
    • Armour – Veteran Maiden Armour
    • Armour – Hoodless Rus Knight
    • Helmet – Various Open Helmet variants
    • Helmet – Rare Maiden Helmet bundle
    • Helmet – Epic Maiden Helmet bundle
    • Helmet – Legendary Maiden Helmet Bundle
    • Helmet – Golden Rat helmet
  • FFA VIP Bundles
    • Argon Armour, Crown, and Voice bundle
    • Malric Armour, Crown, and Voice bundle

Mason – Knight Veteran Maiden Armour

Mason – Knight Maiden Helms


  • Eagle
    • Black Red Eagle
    • Dark Eagle
    • Black Orange Eagle
    • Mason Order
    • King’s Guard
  • Lion
    • Three Lions
  • Galencourt
    • Cross Large (alt)
  • Geometric
    • Barry
    • Plain Blue
    • Plain Cyan
    • Plain Green
    • Plain Grey
    • Plain Orange
    • Plain Orange
    • Plain Purple
    • Plain Rose
    • Plain Yellow
    • Quarter Strong
    • Quarterly Variants 1 through 5
    • Quarterly Green
    • Quarterly Royal
    • Split
  • Sellsword
    • Cross Variant
    • Crossed Sword Rose
    • Party Cross Tree
  • Other
    • Golden Sword
    • Golden Shell


  • The Kingslayer
  • of Trayan Citadel
  • The Traitor
  • The Upstart


  • Battle Axe
    • Varangian Axe
    • Elite Varangian Axe
    • Engraved Varangian Axe
  • Dane Axe
    • Lesser Sea Bast Axe
    • Strong Sea Beast Axe
    • Champion Sea Beast Axe
    • Regal Sea Beast Axe
  • Greatsword
    • True King’s Sword
    • Engraved True King’s Sword
    • Royal True King’s Sword
  • Highland Sword
    • Traitor’s Bane
    • Elite Traitor’s Bane
    • Royal Traitor’s Bane
  • Pole Axe
    • Guard Recruit’s Pole Axe
    • Guard Captain’s Pole Axe
    • Guard Sergeant’s Pole Axe

Battle Axe – Elite Varangian Axe

Dane Axe – Regal Sea Beast Axe

Highland Sword – Traitor’s Bane

Polearm – Guard Captain’s Pole Axe




  • Fixed an exploit where the player could have an infinite number of throwing weapons
  • Fixed an exploit where held input interactables could cause attacks to be invisible
  • Fixed an issue where players could desync when tackled off a chair
  • Fixed an issue where tracers were inconsistent on overhead ground hits after a combo
  • Fixed an issue where objective-based team damage would kick players from matchmaking
  • Fixed an issue where players would spawn with no primary weapon and carrying a shield
  • Fixed an issue where VIP models would change when traveling between different maps
  • Fixed an issue where the player screen would stay black after falling while using Arrow Cam


  • Fixed an issue where auto-parry would sometimes be inconsistent after an immediate feint from a counter input


  • Dodge Parry Cancel is only available after at least 50% of Dash has been completed.


  • Fixed an issue where spike traps could kill from the top of the ramp


Weapons and Carryables

New Weapon – Goedendag

  • Available for the Footman and Engineer subclasses

New Weapon – Goedendag


  • Fixed an issue where weapon shadows would duplicate occasionally
  • Fixed an issue where crouching on spawn would maintain speed


  • Addressed an exploit where the ballista could fire with infinite ammo


  • Fixed an issue where the player could duplicate themselves upon using a destroyed catapult

Heavy Mace

  • Increased overall normal slash windup time from 0.25 seconds to 0.285 seconds


  • Added to the Poleman subclass on Footman
  • Changed the tackle animation to the jumpkick variant



  • New Limited Time Queue added to rotation – Team Deathmatch
  • Adjusted Rank Based Team Balancing Algorithm to improve team randomness




  • Increased grace period slightly for parties to join together on the same team in a match
  • Fixed a rare issue where Steam party members could not leave a party
  • Fixed an issue where the “Failed to Join” error would appear in parties of 3

Unofficial Servers

  • Added Nitrado Steelshield Support
  • Added Autobalance Parameter options
  • Added skill-based team balance checkbox
  • Added Earning Gold at the end of a match
  • Added Earning XP at the end of a match
  • Added the following commands for Local Admins:
    • TBSAddStageTime [X]
    • TBSEndGame
  • Added TO_Citadel to the map list
  • Adjusted the first map entry a server owner enters to be the one that always begins in the rotation
  • Adjusted indexing of maps so that they play in order after server restart
  • Adjusted TO default times to be representative of the regular map lengths. Server owners will need to hit the default button in order for this change to be reflected on their interface
  • Fixed an issue where players would appear with no customization or rank after a server crash
  • Fixed an issue where traveling to and from LTS maps would result in Admins losing powers

Dev Notes: Since the release of Unofficial Servers with Update 2.10, we’ve been working closely with our Nitrado partners to determine how to enhance this new feature. So far, improvements have been performance issues adjustments, potential bug fixes, adding new Admin options, and implementing Nitrado Steelshield. (An added layer of protection against DDOS attacks)

We’ve also been monitoring the community feedback around the lack of Gold/XP earned within Unofficial Servers and how this difference could make playing within an Unofficial Server less appealing, especially to newer players. As of Update 2.11, Gold and XP  gains will be enabled across all Unofficial Servers. We still reserve the right to make adjustments and take action if we see that the improper gain or boosting of Gold/XP becomes popular. Still, we believe that a majority of servers will not abuse this added feature; instead, it will help bolster and highlight the excellent Unofficial Servers that users have been able to create.

Performance and Crash Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where players would not respawn due to bloated save files
  • Further Security Improvements
  • Further crash fixes


  • Fixed connection issues that would occur during map travel


  • Fixed a rare crash that would occur upon purchasing a hair option



  • Fixed an issue where fire would not be visible on lit chickens
  • Argon now has gameplay facial expressions during combat



  • VIP Voices now have exertion sounds during an attack
  • Fixed a sound streaming issue where sounds were being overloaded, cutting voice and music



  • Chat now displays a name color for FFA and Spectator
  • Fixed an issue where Local Mutes would not always apply upon a player rejoining a match
  • Fixed an issue where the social menu could not be navigated with the D-Pad
  • Fixed an issue where votekicks could be initiated even when the option was grayed out
  • Fixed flickering in certain UI elements on the Main Menu
  • Navigation improvements
  • Translation improvements



  • Changed the Main Menu environment
  • Resized Argon’s head slightly for customization implementation
  • Fixed an issue where trumpets would disappear too quickly upon use
  • Added pumpkin variant for Tenosia during Halloween event